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Download Free MadLipz 2.7.15 for Android – Download

MadLipz is an application that lets you stream your own voice to your favorite video clips that are actually very funny. FYI works a lot like Dubsmash, but at MadLipz you see longer videos that tend to last up to 15 seconds and you also have the opportunity to record up to three separate audio tracks.

With so many different pieces to add to each clip, creating whole conversations and more complex original compositions is a complete choice here. Each piece is stored independently, so processing them separately to get each piece in top condition is fairly easy to do. Basically, in terms of originality, the sky is the limit.

The great thing about MadLipz is that it has a complete database full of colossal video clips, some of which are easily the best the Internet has to offer. This way you will have literally thousands of hilarious clips from 5 to 15 seconds in your hands, allowing you to record your own voice on them. In addition, all these clips are perfectly organized into categories with clarity and easy navigation.

Once you’ve completed the compilation of your voice track – all you need to do is choose which social media site you want to upload it to. Alternatively, of course you could always save it in your phone memory for your own private entertainment.

If this does not seem enough, any MadLipz user can upload their own clips to the application database. Be careful, though, that means a little typing on your part. To upload your own videos, you need to add a proper title and tag your video so that others can search for it and find it easily.

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