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Lyft is an application similar to Uber that allows you to request a private car to pick you up whenever you want, as long as the service is provided in your city. Before using the application, you must create a user account that requires a phone number. You must also link a payment method to your user account.

Once you register with Lyft, you can see the exact locations of all the vehicles that can pick you up at any time. You can see who the driver is and the type of car the person is driving. All you need is a click to request a ride.

In terms of payment, Lyft is extremely convenient. Not only can you pay directly with the app, but you can also share the cost with your friends if you drive together. This way you can avoid the awkward moment when it comes to payment and one person in the team does not get stuck paying for the whole route.

Lyft is a really interesting application that offers a real alternative to the classic taxis.


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