Lutron Connect-RadioRA2 + HWQS 7.6.1 APK Download from Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

Download Free Lutron Connect-RadioRA2 + HWQS 7.6.1 APK Download from Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

Control the lights, shades, temperature, keyboards and much more of your home with your Android headset and tablet.

This application requires a complete Lutron home control system (RadioRA® 2 or HomeWorks® QS) programmed using the appropriate design and programming software version in conjunction with Lutron Connect Bridge. *


Control from anywhere
Check the lights, shades, temperature, keyboards and more in the comfort of your own home or from anywhere in the world – office, airport, beach – set your home to a comfortable temperature when you return from a trip, make sure that the lights do not appear on the left and the shades are not left on while you are away.

Personalize your keyboard buttons
Add, edit and remove button settings yourself. Make temporary adjustments for special occasions or permanent changes to suit your preferences.

Exactly according to the program
Schedule scenes to take place automatically at set times of the day or based on sunrise and sunset. Turn on the light on your terrace at dusk, turn it off in the morning or turn on your shades in the morning to wake up to the sun.

Receive a notification if you have turned off the lights after leaving the house, then turn them off directly from your Widget (phone only).

Low battery
Receive low battery indicators for battery shades, Pico wireless controls, and Radio Powr Savr sensors to know when it’s time to replace batteries.

Set your favorite scenes from your home screen using a Widget. You do not need to start the application (phone only).

World class support
Lutron remains committed to providing world-class quality and services.
Contact us on the telephone line 24/7 (800,523,9466).

* Design and programming software is only available to specialized installers and is required for the initial installation of this application. This application is only compatible with RadioRA 2 (10.0+) and HomeWorks QS (10.0+) and requires Lutron Connect Bridge. Contact your Lutron representative for more information.

When using Geofencing Options, your device’s battery optimization settings may prevent the application from connecting to your system when the monitor is off. The app will help you resolve this automatically, or you can go to Android Settings> Battery> Battery Optimization, and then in the “All Apps” section, set Lutron to “Do Not Optimize”.

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