Lumosity 2021.01.19.2110325 for Android – Download

Download Free Lumosity 2021.01.19.2110325 for Android – Download

Lumosity, the leader in brain training science, brings you a mobile app to train your memory and concentration with fun daily exercises.

The tool, designed by neuroscientists, has been used by some of the most important researchers on the planet thanks to the personalized approach it provides to each person who uses it.

With this application you will have a personal trainer based on what you have learned with each exercise, improving all the cognitive areas that interest you most.

Memory, problem solving, flexibility … choose the area you want to improve and spend a few minutes on it every day. Gradually you will begin to notice the benefits of using Lumosity.

The accompanying games are challenging for your brain and will help you improve every day – a whole series of fun and entertaining exercises that will keep you entertained, as they have done with more than sixty million users.


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