Ludo Club 2.0.75 for Android

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Parcheesi is one of those classic board games that never goes beyond style and offers hours of fun trying to get all your pieces to the finish line before any of your opponents! And now you can play this classic game directly from your Android device – without having to leave the game board – with the Ludo Club app.

One of the great features of Ludo Club is that you can play games against other players online or against the computer. Just select a game mode when you start a new game.

Another great feature of Ludo Club is that you can play against friends with just one device. But no matter which game you choose, you will definitely have a great time! The Ludo Club game is exactly the same as the traditional board game: to win, be the first to hit your four pieces on target. Along the way, you can try to get the upper hand by grabbing your opponent’s pieces and sending them back home!

If you are a Parcheesi fan, try the Ludo Club app and play exciting online games – or against your friends – directly from your Android device.


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