Lucky Toss 3D 1.5.1 for Android

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Lucky Toss 3D is a simple game that allows you to have a great time throwing rings and trying to make them land on all the elements you see. You need to be as precise as possible, as your success will depend on how hard or soft you throw each ring.

The graphics in Lucky Toss 3D show a different setting for each round, with objects changing as you complete levels. To throw the rings, you just have to slide your finger up or down and when you want to send them to fly, you just have to lift your finger.

One of the great things about the game is that it allows you to see a preview of your cast. That said, while holding your finger down on the screen. In any case, the rewards you earn will be different. You can win anything from other puzzles to a huge number of coins.

Lucky Toss 3D is a simple but incredibly fun title that you will have fun playing as you try to take out your rings on every item that appears on the screen.


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