Lokapala 1.1.0665.95 for Android – Download

Download Free Lokapala 1.1.0665.95 for Android – Download

Lokapala: The Saga of the Six Realms is the first MOBA developed entirely in Indonesia and inspired by Indonesian mythology, history and culture. In this game, you can play exciting 5v5 battles with friends or other players from around the world.

The game in Lokapala is typical for the genre. With the left thumb, you can move your character and with the right thumb, you can use different skills and attacks. As is typical for this genre, you can improve your character skills as you level up.

One of the most original aspects of Lokapala is that almost all the characters in the game (as well as their skin) are inspired by Indonesian mythology and culture. In fact, these heroes belong to the political and military caste of Hinduism, each with their own unique skills inspired by Indonesian history.

Lokapala is a spectacular MOBA designed for touch screens with smaller and more dynamic laps than DOTA 2 or LOL. But it’s just as fun! The game also has pretty good graphics that you can customize from the settings.


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