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Little Panda’s Pet Salon is another Babybus game starring an adorable baby panda in another job. This time, the panda is working in a beauty salon!

The game at Little Panda Pet Salon is as follows: the animals visit the beauty salon to ask for different services. Sloth wants its claws, kitten wants a face, poodle wants a haircut and so on. Your goal is to pay attention to each customer, taking your time to perform each step of the service carefully. Making lazy nails, for example, involves cutting, archiving, shaping and painting, and then adding details and rhinestones. The same goes for face treatments and haircuts. each treatment has its own small procedures.

As with other Babybus games, Little Panda’s Pet Salon has colorful and engaging graphics, including adorable characters that you can only fall in love with. It also has amazing production value and a wide range of activities so you never get bored.

In short, Little Panda’s Pet Salon is a wonderful game where you can make an explosion by giving all the small animals of the village their own beauty treatments.


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