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Lionheart: Dark Moon is an RPG where you play Timothy and Natalia, the grandchildren of the Vaultkeeper. It’s time to dump her and move on.

The battle system in Lionheart: Dark Moon is series based. When it comes time to attack, you can decide which skill you want to use with each of your heroes. Of course, you can also choose the enemy you want to attack, keeping in mind that some attacks will be more effective against certain enemies. In addition, if you prefer, you can increase the battle speed and even automate it. although the game is so beautiful that it is worth watching any animation.

The story mode in Lionheart: Dark Moon is extensive and takes you to many different settings and locations where you have to defeat hundreds of enemies. One of your goals is to release all the legendary heroes who will gradually join your cause. That said, you can also enter the “online arena” where you can face groups of heroes from other players from around the world. In this game mode, you can also receive exclusive rewards.

Lionheart: Dark Moon is a great combat RPG with a series that offers an exciting story, charismatic characters and enjoyable gameplay. And visually speaking, the graphics are absolutely exceptional, with an artistic direction that is held back by even the best RPGs for consoles and computers. It is a total of 10.

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Lionheart: Dark Moon, one of the most beautiful RPGs you will find on Android

The games published by Emerald City Games studio have total bragging rights when it comes to awesome graphics. I mean, just look at Stormblades or Lionheart Tactics, for two examples. Lionheart: Dark Moon is their latest release (released directly by them and not from an outside distributor for the first time) and is an RPG with turn-based battles, a tried and true gameplay and excellent technical and artistic quality. It could easily be confused for a large scale production from a famous studio for traditional consoles.

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