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Finally, you can take the photo you really wanted to take! Lightleap (formerly Quickshot) is a photo editor that proves that you no longer need to be a professional photographer to take amazing photos.

Let’s face it – your photos do not always come out as you expected. You take out your phone to take something awesome, but the photo you take does not justify the scene. The background is very blurry, the lighting is completely wrong or maybe the landscape needs retouching – something only an experienced editor can do, right?

The Lightleap app is here to change that! With this editing application, you can capture the beauty and magic you see with your eyes – or enhance it. You become an author with filters, effects and retouching tools in your hands.

You do not need to spend hours pulling your hair as you learn how to use professional editing software. Lightleap Image Editor takes moments to retouch your photos into stunning images with professional vibes, using stunning preset filters and effects.

With unique, easy-to-use features such as the sky in the background, the treatment, effects, filters and appearance, every photo you take from now on will be a perfect image. If you have dreamed of capturing images worth Instagram to inspire people, this is your chance.

Lightricap, the award-winning application developer, brought you the Lightleap photo editing application is part of the Enlight creativity suite, including Pixaloop. We help you to use your creativity in every photo.

Favorite features of Lightleap applications include:

Replace the background in your photos with a brand new sky!
– With one click, you can change the background with a new sky.
– Choose from 60+ high quality sky backgrounds.
– Choose from sunny, dusk, sunset, storm, even fantastic sky!

Remove unwanted people, stains in the background and easily retouch your image with the healing function, like a real processor.
– Select and delete items in the first line and in the background of your image.
– Melt the bumps and quickly correct mistakes in the photo.
– Undo retouching with a single click to restore your image!

No photo is complete without one of Lightleap’s great filters – one of our top features.
– Find filters by topic, whether you are looking for hot, black and white, urban, faded and many more.
– Easily adjust the intensity of your filters above your image.
– Achieve the effects you want in moments!

It looks
Change the atmosphere of your photo like a real processor with one click.
– Select a predefined appearance as filters for your image.
– Create a signature style for your Instagram feed with designer appearances.
– Give your images a golden glow of the hour or set the mood with dusk, black and white, shadows and fantastic looks.

Add tons of special effects to retouch dim areas and bring your history to life.
– Overlay shadow effects, flashes, lens flares and more to enhance your photo.
– Change the weather and add seasonal themes.
– Get access to the extremely popular elements of our mood and adjust the magic level of your photo effects!

The complete collection of basic editing tools is in your hands.
– Any minor retouching adjustments can be made, including lighting and temperature contrast, shades and processor versions.
– Crop your photo, retouch and edit everything in the app.
– Sharpen, adjust depth, structure and grain as a professional photo editor!

With Lightleap, you become a photo editor at times. Edit and retouch your photos with filters and effects to truly capture the magic of the moment you experienced. Download the app to discover how you can become a professional photo editor!

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