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Light a Way is a “click” game where you play a young girl who, with the help of forest spirits, must return the light to the world. To do this, you have to face many enemies, but instead of using force to drive them away, the young heroine and her friends use the power of light to save them.

The gameplay in Light a Way is similar to other games of the genre. This means that you have to press the screen non-stop to make the forest spirits illuminate the enemies on the screen and free them from the darkness. Once it is free, you will get light crystals, which you can use to level the young protagonist and unlock new special abilities.

At first the main character is all alone, but as you progress in the game and defeat the forces of darkness, you can add many more forest spirits to your side. In this way, little by little, you can return the light to all corners of the globe.

Light a Way is a beautiful click, with great graphics and fun non-violent gameplay. Of course, there are many enemies that block your way, but instead of killing them you will do the exact opposite: save them.


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