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If you shop at Lidl, enjoy their seasonal product line and look for the latest epic flash offers – Lidl Plus has you covered. It is the official Android application of the grocery giant that has been designed based on the tactics. You will now receive real-time up-to-date information on everything you want to know about your Lidl neighborhood, as well as where to hunt specific products in other nearby Lidls.

Thanks to Lidl Plus it is easy to find the Lidl that is closest to wherever you are. All you have to do is click on the name of the street (or wherever you go) for the application to work its magic. It will even compile a complete list of Lidl sites that suit you best. Once you have selected a Lidl from the map, click on the store to get the driving directions to get you there. You can even mark a specific Lidl store as your favorite and you will be notified of their latest sales and promotions. Along with this regularly updated information, you can also look for other information in each store, including its regular scheduling.

Likewise, thanks to Lidl Plus, you will know the latest offers released on Lidl as well as the pricing of each of the selected products in its huge catalog. Thanks to this feature, you will end up saving a lot of money simply by finding and tracking the best stores sold. Remember, Lidl has a rotating bi-monthly bid calendar, so if you are looking for real deals, this tool gives you all the information you need to spend as little as possible while getting the best amount.

Finally, your Lidl Plus profile has added discount coupons to purchase specific products at a reduced price. Make the most of everything Lidl has to offer through Lidl Plus. Without a doubt, you will save time and money on your shopping thanks to this handy tool.


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