LibreOffice 7.0.3 – Download for Mac for free

Download Free LibreOffice 7.0.3 – Download for Mac for free

At this point, it’s a bit silly to continue to insist that Microsoft Office is the office suite that has become the standard in this type of software. Everyone knows this. At the same time, it is equally obvious that it costs money that not everyone can afford or is willing to pay. That’s why there are great alternatives, like OpenOffice or this one LibreOffice we offer you today.

Office suite for Mac with full guarantees

If you use macOS (formerly known as OS X) and do not want to take your hand out of your pocket to pay for office applications, here is a free solution. It is one toolkit compatible with all formats distributed by Microsoft and this, inspired by the design implemented by this company, allows us to perform all kinds of creation and publishing work on documents, such as texts, presentations and spreadsheets.

The state of free and open source software has led not only specific users to download it, but also educational and public institutions who consider the ideal way to save money on licenses.

One of the most serious and effective alternatives to Microsoft Office.

What applications does it offer?

Comes with the following tools:

  • Author: word processor with different functions for editing and editing.
  • Calculation: spreadsheet with advanced functions.
  • Impress: slide show tool that allows different formats and inclusion of multimedia elements.
  • I plan: program for creating projects, sketches, diagrams and diagrams.
  • Base: database management compatible with MySQL, Access, PostgreSQL and Adabas.
  • Mathematics: a program for processing equations and mathematical formulas.
  • Charts: tool for creating graphs.

Which one is the best? Why not OpenOffice?

If both are free, which one should you go for? First of all, it should be mentioned that this program started to develop when its rival was bought by Oracle and then by Apache. Theirs the features and functions are very similar, but the LibreOffice developer community is much more active, so it ‘s much easier to stay up to date on software and performance. However, both applications share about 90% of their master code, so there is no difference at all.

Download Last Version: LibreOffice 7.0.3 – Download for Mac for free

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