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Legends of Runeterra is a collectible card game similar to Hearthstone … but located in Runeterra, the popular League of Legends universe. Like most CCGs, your mission is to fight your opponent until there are no life points left.

Although Legends of Runeterra has a gameplay similar to other CCGs, some key features are different. At each turn, you will receive a manna point that you can use to play cards, which can contain either a creature or a spell. As one would expect, spells are valid immediately, while creatures must be deployed on the battlefield.

But as the turns play, the Legends of Runeterra game begins to differ from that of Hearthstone. During each round, one player attacks and the other defends. Usually, the attacker plays creatures and the defender tries to block them, but like Magic: the Gathering, both players can cast spells at this time.

Another unique feature of Legends of Runeterra is that, like regular plasma and spell cards, there are also twenty different hero cards. Each hero is inspired by a LoL character and has unique powers. Learning each wise person will greatly improve your chances of winning.

Legends of Runeterra is an excellent CCG that offers an interesting alternative to the aforementioned Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering games. It’s another great title from Riot Games.


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