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Legend of Ace is a MOBA with a structure similar to other popular games such as Arena of Valor. This time, you have to guide different characters through a series of different settings. Your first goal is to choose one of the heroes based on the special skills and powers that may best suit you.

Using a 5v5 battle system, you will face exciting battles against each of the rival monsters, heroes and dragons. Your main mission is to find a good strategy that allows you to defeat enemies and their respective towers. This is the only way you can prove your dominance in the area and earn rewards that allow you to unlock new characters and upgrade the capabilities of those you already have.

The control system found in Legend of Ace is common in these types of games. The motion controller for your character is located on the left side of the screen. The action buttons to attack enemies and defend are to the right. It is also worth noting that in the upper corner you will see a map with all the characters on the map and where they are.

Legend of Ace lets you work with other players to create unrivaled teams. This is the only way to overcome adversity and dominate all areas of the big map. Creating a good strategy for attacking enemies will definitely determine your chances of climbing the world rankings.


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