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Legacy of Discord is an Asian MMO that closely follows the genre standards, but still has enough features (especially in the visuals section) to make it one of the absolute best games of its kind for Android devices.

The characters and settings are much more detailed than you can find in other games. However, do not be surprised if they remind you of a different genre because of the fantastic animation and the Asian characters and design. Anyone who loves this genre will feel at home.

In addition to the player mode that allows you to earn upgrades and upgrade your character, you can participate in daily events, form clans, participate in simultaneous PvP battles, participate in raids or large team battles, receive pets that can help you fight In other words, you can have everything an MMO fan could desire. There is also a platform license that has an auto-route feature that automatically controls your hero.

Legacy of Discord is one of the most complete online role-playing games for Android. As an added bonus, the game is regularly upgraded to include new features, such as earning wings for your character and unlocking areas in the air where you have the opportunity to fight flying creatures and other characters.


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