LastPass for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Download Free LastPass for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

LastPass for Mac is the last password you will ever need. Allows you to: Generate strong passwords, knowing that you need to remember only one. The tool has add-ons for: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari (for Mac), Google Chrome and works with other Bookmarklets browsers (eg Opera). The application uses Host Proof Hosting techniques to synchronize your passwords, while the application never has access to your sensitive data. LastPass for macOS also offers a premium upgrade for mobile access on iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Google Android, Palm webOS and Symbian phones.

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Simple, fast and easy navigation:

Save as you go
Download and set up with the app in minutes. Once you create your account, the tool asks you to save new sites while browsing – so you will never lose another password.

Connection without problems
After saving a webpage username and password, the program will automatically fill in the login information when you return to this site. No thinking, no typing, no work – the app does it for you.

Gather your data
View all accounts and passwords in an easy-to-use “treasury” where you can edit, delete and organize your stored data. LastPass automatically syncs to stay up to date, wherever you are.

Optimize online shopping
Set up a profile for each credit card, family member, billing and shipping address. When you sign up for an account or are ready to complete a payment, select the profile you want and fill out the form with a single click.

Take it on the road
Do you need to check this bank copy before boarding your flight? Upgrade to Last Pass Premium for unlimited use of mobile apps for complete peace of mind, wherever you are.

Features and best moments

  • Unlimited browser synchronization for Mac, Windows, Linux and Web
  • Automatic completion of connections and forms
  • Secure notes for digital file keeping
  • Share credentials with friends and colleagues
  • password creation
  • Multi-factor authentication and one-time codes
  • Check passwords with Security Challenge
  • Command line interface

Note: Requires 64-bit processor.

Also available: Download LastPass for Windows

Download Last Version: LastPass for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

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