KorailTalk 6.0.0 for Android – Download

Download Free KorailTalk 6.0.0 for Android – Download

KorailTalk (코레 일톡) is an app you can use to buy Korail train tickets to travel through South Korea. The application includes an intuitive design that allows you to easily complete your reservations.

Using KorailTalk is very easy: you just have to choose the destinations, the date, the train type and the number of passengers. Basically, you need to make a regular reservation as you would for any type of transfer. The most interesting part about KorailTalk is that it is a specific application for this type of Korean train.

You can use KorailTalk in four different languages: Korean, Chinese, Japanese and English. The app translates perfectly to these languages, so if you speak one of them, you will have no problem booking your tickets. In addition to purchasing your tickets, you can also check your reservation or cancel your tickets.

KorailTalk (일톡 일톡) includes everything you could possibly want in a travel app: a simple interface, easy to use, and available in many languages.


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