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Knock’em All is a simple game where you have to go through eccentric settings full of tons of different elements. The fun thing about this title from VOODOO is that it gives you a weapon to use that fires missiles that will eliminate enemies who dare to cross your path.

The controls in Knock’em All could not be simpler. All you have to do is tap the screen to move on. Also, one of the most basic aspects of the game is to aim your shots at each of the robots you encounter in each level. You need to pay close attention to all these enemies – even if one of them catches you, it will be the game for you.

In terms of graphics, Knock’em All lets you watch all the action in 3D. This makes progress as you destroy blocks and enemies even more fun. You can advance to the next level and continue to fight if you manage to reach the finish line in each setting.

Knock’em All makes for a great time as you shoot tirelessly at all the enemies that come your way. Thanks to the potential of the game and the tons of levels you have to complete, you will be busy for hours as you try to reach the finish line before an enemy leads you down.


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