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Kings Blood is a challenging strategy game. The graphics may remind you of the incredibly dark dungeon. This time, you are in control of the monarch of a cursed kingdom. You and your loyal soldiers must face incessant hordes of demons until you manage to find what plunged your area into utter chaos.

The engineers of Kings Blood are very simple – your protagonist automatically moves to different levels. Tap on the portraits of the soldiers at the bottom of the screen to summon the different troops that can help you in your quest. Every time you face a group of enemies your troops stop and the battle begins. If you click on the portraits of your heroes again, they will be charged against your opponents. It is important to remember that each type of army has certain advantages and disadvantages over the multiple classes you will fight. Well, make sure you think carefully about what you want to use and what you need to keep in mind for hand-to-hand combat.

Each enemy you defeat translates into gems for you, which you can then exchange for your soldiers using the main menu.

Kings Blood is a dark and highly addictive game. As a bonus, it includes an incredible artistic section that will surely please those looking for an experience that is both demanding and satisfying.


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