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Bring your best strategies and see if you can defeat all the enemies in the Kingdom Of Heroes battle game based on the series. Just place your heroes in hexagonal positions on the game board and watch the battle unfold.

Kingdom of Heroes is set in a world in the middle of a celestial war and full of fantastic objects and characters. This time, your mission is to bring order to the chaos by skillfully combining the forces of your team. Although this game has automatic battles, it is up to you to choose which power cards to use and enemies to target each turn.

Although you have a few heroes and attacks at the beginning of the game, you will gradually receive runes and other magical items that you can use to strengthen your heroes. This means that you will be able to build a more formidable team and defeat more and more powerful enemies. Along the way you can also join guilds and form alliances to combine forces and defeat opponents.

Kingdom of Heroes has many characters and maps full of imagination. Take a look and use the best attack combinations to defeat enemies, receive rewards and upgrade your heroes.


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