Killer Bean Unleashed 3.60 for Android

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Killer Bean Unleashed is a 2D action platformer where you play a killer bean that has to deal with hundreds of other beans that are all armed to the teeth. Fortunately, you have your own weapons.

The control system in Killer Bean Unleashed is the key for the item, with the direction buttons on the left side of the screen and the jump and shoot buttons on the right. If you press the jump button twice, you will make a double jump to be able to reach higher platforms.

Killer Bean Unleashed has three different game modes. In story mode, you start to discover why your character has so many enemies to fight. Survival mode, on the other hand, has faced you with hundreds of enemies until you inevitably end up dead. Finally, there is the multi-level mode where you have to go through giant levels full of dangers.

Killer Bean Unleashed is a very fun 2D action game that may not stand out for its graphics, but it remains unforgettable for the charisma and fun game of its character.


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