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Keep Your House Clean is a children’s game that can help them learn about housework in the most fun way. Your kids can enjoy all kinds of mini-games that teach them the responsibilities of everyday life.

First, it’s time to choose between a boy and a girl. Next, take a look at the various jobs available in the city or on an island. In the city, they can work at home, in their car and in other items that need to be cleaned. On the island, however, they can work in a cafeteria, popcorn, pet shop and many other options.

If they choose to clean their house, you can teach young children how to do different tasks to keep the house clean. Help them learn how to clean each room on the screen so they can apply these lessons in real life later.

Similarly, with the work section, children can learn what it means to have a job by serving customers who enter the various stores. Help them learn how to write their customers’ orders and perform other tasks to earn their paycheck. In this fun adventure, your little ones can learn a thousand different things while playing.


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