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K-pop Star is an application that helps you carefully monitor the ranking of your favorite Korean idols. But that is not all. It also allows you to vote. In fact, you have up to 100 stars to cast on any K-POP image at your discretion. You can also post in the profile for each image, as well as voluntarily check other users’ posts for your favorite images. To do the latter, however, you must choose which of all the idols is your “star”. Since then, every time you see a post that you think is inappropriate in your “star” profile, you can protect their reputation by mentioning it in the app, so that they can remove it.

K-pop Star is a fun application. But obviously only true K-POP fans will really enjoy it. If you like BTS, EXO and other similar K-POP teams, do not think twice – you will love this app. Follow all the latest K-POP image news, stay up-to-date on the official real-time news and enjoy hundreds of K-POP posts.


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