Jungle Marble Blast 2.7.8 for Android

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Jungle Marble Blast is an arcade puzzle that is clearly inspired by the classic “Zuma”. The games share their main games as well as their graphics.

The condition here is really simple: all you have to do is get rid of all the bullets that appear on your screen before they complete the whole level. To do this, you must draw your own spheres and match up to three colors to make them disappear from the map. Each time you create two or more combinations, you will unlock power-ups that will help you pass the most demanding levels, as they can help your goal, so you can get rid of many bullets at once, among many other effects.

Although the first levels in Jungle Marble Blast are really simple, the difficulty will increase greatly as you progress through more than 100 levels of the game and this will add new elements and make the game a lot more fun.


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