Joplin 1.7.3 for Android – Download

Download Free Joplin 1.7.3 for Android – Download

Joplin is a free open source application that lets you turn your Android into a laptop that is convenient and easy to take anywhere. In addition, all the notes you take can be synced directly via Microsoft OneDrive, Nextcloud or WebDAV.

The first interesting feature that Joplin provides is that it allows you to create as many notebooks as you want. This way you can easily separate the contents, keeping all the lists and specific notes you need in each of the notebooks.

Another interesting feature of Joplin is that it gives you the ability to import all of Evernote notes from the desktop application. Once this is done, you will no longer need to sync your desktop application with the Android application. This way, you can work in both areas at the same time.

Joplin is a great note-taking app that you can have at any time, anywhere, and keep track of all to-do lists and notes.


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