Jellipop Match 8.1.0 for Android

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Jellipop Match is a simple puzzle game where you have to meet specific goals to win each screen. This typical style 3 race has great graphics.

Playing Jellipop Match is basically the same experience as other games of this kind: You have to align three or more matching pieces to make them disappear. You have managed to collect more than three and you will unlock special pieces with different effects on the screen that mainly help you to eliminate the pieces faster.

You will have hundreds of levels available to put your skills into practice and different types of screens, so you do not get bored all the time: in some you will have to unlock frozen pieces, in others you will break the candy that covers them, face the final bosses … this variety adds a lot of life to the game.

Jellipop Match is a fun puzzle game, although it does not innovate much in terms of gameplay, as it is very similar to Candy Crush Saga.


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