JDownloader 2 – Download for Mac for free

Download Free JDownloader 2 – Download for Mac for free

If you are looking for a customer to manage your internet downloads, you will definitely be interested in one of the best options available in this regard. We are talking about the latest version JDownloader, accompanied by updates and enhancements to the first firmware release of this software.

what’s new JDownloader 2;

In this refurbished version of the application, we can find new features to be added to the classics and a face-lift of its interface which renews its aspect. Although it is not a fixed version, many users consider it an alternative to the original administrator.

  • Aesthetic changes to the interface.
  • Compatibility with more storage services, servers and download sites.
  • Advanced filters that allow us to restrict the links to be added (by file type, file size or name).
  • Simplify and reorganize the options menu.
  • Improved integration with web browsers.
  • Download entire photo albums from Facebook or Flickr.

We are talking about a program with many users around the world. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find guides, tutorials and tips on using this software: user manuals that explain how the program works, how to configure it or how to download faster.

Main characteristics

In addition to the new features mentioned above, we also need to talk about the following that were already included in the first version:

  • Download files from instant download servers such as Mega.
  • Download videos from YouTube.
  • Copy files to the clipboard and download them automatically.
  • Prioritize some downloads.
  • Develop and improve software features by installing plug-ins.

Definitely the best program for managing instant downloads files from any website or web storage service.

Download Last Version: JDownloader 2 – Download for Mac for free

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