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Java Development Kit for Mac (also known as JDK) is a very professional platform SDK platform is regularly created and supported by Oracle Corporation. In order to provide a specific application of Java SE, Java EE and Java ME, developers from all over the world use it. Due to its strong development support, this SDK package represents the most popular and widely used Java SDK platform for creating both corporate and open source projects of all sizes. Its popularity Java development kit It is presented not only because of the impressive set of tools, services and features offered by this package, but also because at the end of 2006 Oracle released this SDK under the GNU General Public License, making it free for everyone.

Java development kit for macOS (often described by Oracle as an “extended” package that extends to regular tools that could be found in the Java SE Development Kit) hosts a wide variety of tools for enhanced development, debugging, testing and monitoring Java applications. The core of the package consists of more than 30 individual tools and services that can easily control every aspect of it Java application development, from the initial phase to the end development to the end users.

Contents of JDK:

Development tools
(In the bin / subdirectory) Tools and utilities to help you develop, run, debug, and register programs written in the Java ™ programming language.

Runtime environment
(In the jre / subdirectory) Application of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for use by JDK. The JRE includes Java Virtual machine (JVM), class libraries, and other files that support the execution of programs written in the Java programming language.

Additional libraries
(In lib / subdirectory) Additional class libraries and support files required by development tools.

Demo Applets and Applications
(In demo / subdirectory) Examples, with source code, programming for Javaplatform. These include examples using Swing and other Java Foundation Classes and the Java Platform Debugger Architecture.

Sample code
(In the sample subdirectory) Samples, with source code, programming for some Java APIs.

Header files C
(In include / subdirectories) Header files that support native code programming using the Java Native Interface, JVM Tool Interface, and other Javaplatform functions.

Source Code
(In Java programming language source files for all classes that make up the Java core API (that is, it goes to files for java. *, Javax. * And some org. * Packages, but not for com.sun. * packages). This source code is provided for informational purposes only, to help developers learn and use the Java programming language. These files do not contain application code for a specific platform and cannot be used to rebuild class libraries. To extract these files, use any common zip utility. Alternatively, you can use the Jar utility in the JDK bin / directory: jar xvf Download Java Development Kit for Mac now!

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