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Brain Games is an intelligence game that helps you train your brain with 16 different minigames based on memory, math, observation skills and logic.

In each of these mini-games, you can choose between three different difficulty levels. That way, once you understand one, you can move on to the next and make it more difficult. However, even the supposedly easiest level is a challenge in some games.

Some of the mini-games are really a lot of fun. What is particularly good is a math game in which you have to calculate the exact change to be returned: you will see a price and the account used to pay it and then you have to choose the right coins to collect the change. Another mini-game asks you to match pairs of birds.

Brain Games is a very fun game especially because of all the mini-games it includes. Of course some are better than others, but they all help you to exercise your mind in some way.


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