iTerm2 for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Download Free iTerm2 for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

iTerm2 for Mac is a fork of the older work. Ίτερμ is a terminal replacement and its successor Ίτερμ. It focuses on speed, internationalization and the creation of new opportunities to improve your life. Divide a tab into several windows, each of which shows a different session. You can cut vertically and horizontally and create any number of windows in any fantastic layout. iTerm2 for macOS has many possibilities. Any possible wish that could have been anticipated and resolved by an end user. And these are just the main attractions!

Partition windows
Divide a tab into several windows, each showing a different session. You can cut vertically and horizontally and create any number of windows in any fantastic layout.

Hotkey window
Enter an access key that brings the iTerm application to the forefront when you are in another application. A terminal is always a keystroke. You can select the open key to open a special window. This gives you an always-available terminal (such as Visor, Guake or Yakuake) in your hands.

The application has a strong ability to find on the page. The user interface remains off-road. All matches are marked immediately. Even regular expression support is offered!

Just type the beginning of any word that ever appeared in your window and then Cmd-? a suggestions window will open. The word you are looking for is usually at the top of the list!

Mouseless copy
Use the Find feature to start text search. Press a tab to expand the selection to the right or to expand the selection to the left. Option-enter pastes the current match.

Paste history
Paste history allows you to revisit recently copied or pasted text. You can also choose to save the history to disk so that it is never lost.

Immediate repetition
Instant play allows you to travel back in time. It’s like TiVo for your terminal!

Assign any key to any function. Assign separate functions to each selection key – or even rephrase all modification keys. You can customize the look of iTerm2 to suit your needs: enable transparency, background blur, background images, and more.

Are they from a Unix world? You will feel at home with the focus following the mouse, copying to a selected, middle paste button and keyboard shortcuts to avoid the mouse.

256 colors (or more!)
With 256 colors, Vim explodes with photorealism: the terminal is a color and the code comes to life. Version 3 supports 24-bit color.

Do you lose the cursor when there are many different colors or the programs display illegible color combinations? With Smart Cursor Color and Minimum Contrast, you can ensure that these problems are gone.

Mouse report
You can use the mouse to place the cursor, highlight text, and perform other functions in programs such as Vim and Emacs with the mouse pointer.

Growl support
You can choose to receive Growl notifications for activity, bells and more. Do not hesitate to leave a long job in the background, confident in the knowledge you will know when it is over.

Exposure tab
Like macOS Exposé, the program displays all your tabs on one screen. Even better, you can search for them all at once. Go ahead and open as many tabs as you want – you can always find what you are looking for.

Profile with tag
Do you need to save separate configurations for many different servers? The tool provides a profile-searchable and searchable profile database, so you can easily find the profile you are looking for.

The app has great international support, including Unicode support that combines signals, double-width characters, and all levels of Unicode.

The application supports user-defined activation rules, which are actions performed when receiving text that matches a regular expression. You can use it to highlight words, respond automatically to prompts, notify you when something important happens, and more.

smart choice
ITerm 2 can perform a “smart selection” to highlight URLs, email addresses, filenames, and more by recognizing what’s under the cursor and selecting the text you select.

Note: Requires 64-bit processor.

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