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It is love? Daryl is an adventure with text in otome subgenre where you play a girl who lives a normal day in New York.

The first thing you need to do is name your character, so you will start learning details about her life through her thoughts and the things she says. The day starts as usual for the girl: she wakes up early, takes out the dog and enjoys the beauty of the Big Apple. That said, something happens that dynamically shakes up her routine: a young driver almost runs over her in his sports car. After this moment of shock, you will have a conversation with the boy (where you choose all the interactions). This is one of the first children you meet, but your romantic journey does not stop there.

Throughout the story, you can choose the emotions your character evokes from each character’s comments and reactions and responses to them. This changes the plot, releasing chain reactions that lead to one end or the other. That said, it’s not very nice about It’s love Daryl is that to get through the story you need “energy” – which is exhausted in the first chapter. If you want to keep reading, you have to buy real money.

It is love? Daryl is a fun otome with a surprisingly rich dialogue and literary value, allowing you to spend a lot of time making decisions and creating your own plot.


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