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Download Free IsMyLcdOK 4.64 for Windows – Download

You use your computer and suddenly you realize that there are some green or blue spots. What is the problem? These tiny dots are the pixels that make up your screen and can be dead, stuck or paralyzed.

IsMyLcdOK is a rather strange application that will check the screen to find these points. Sometimes a product warranty includes a term about the number of pixels that must be malfunctioning to be covered by the warranty.

This means that we recommend that you check the performance of your monitor before the end of the warranty period to save money.

How do you control the screen? IsMyLcdOK is the app you need because it offers a simple and convenient way to do many tests to find dead, paralyzed and stuck pixels.

The tests are quite strange based on the colors, the gradient and the stripes, but they are really useful. In fact, these tests are good enough to solve some problems in the case of stuck pixels.


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