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Iruna Online is a Japanese MMORPG with millions of users in its home country thanks to an open game that looks like JPRGs from the first Playstation.

Your game travels the world of Iruna using a control system typical of desktop MMPORGs. This means you can move freely in 3D environments and experience real-time monster battles in any setting. By selecting the enemy, the attack happens automatically, leaving you to choose which special abilities to use.

As with any game of its kind, Iruna Online makes you climb and improve your character by finding new equipment or making it. In addition to the work system, you also have the ability to join unions of up to 100 users, trade and talk through an internal chat system, and participate in collaboration events.

Iruna Online is a traditional Asian MMORPG that fans of the genre looking for an intimate and aesthetically pleasing experience will surely love. If you’ve always enjoyed MMORPGS lightweight polygonal models from years ago, Iruna Online is the game for you.


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