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Iobit Uninstaller is a free application that helps you manage and remove all the programs that are installed on your computer. It should also be noted that it includes a special feature that allows you to delete software that, for whatever reason, cannot be uninstalled through the operating system by default.

The Iobit Uninstaller interface divides all software into different categories. The Programs section offers an uninstall system that is similar to the default Windows tool. However, this allows you to uninstall multiple programs at once and shows you items that have been hidden by default. One of the main features is the “Uninstall Bundleware” tool. This feature helps you find unnecessary packages that you can delete immediately. You can also force an uninstall, even if the system tries to block the process. Additionally, you can perform a search of the Windows registry to find unusable keys and entries after uninstalling.

The screen installation feature helps you keep track of any changes to your computer when you install a Windows program. Therefore, any modification can be easily removed when uninstalling the software. On the other hand, the software update helps you keep track of new versions of your available applications.

There is another section of the application that includes add-ons and toolbars related to installed browsers. Use this feature to delete them. The best part is that each item includes a user rating so you can easily detect suspicious software with the help of the community. Use “Software Health” to simply tap and remove any gaps left by previous installations. You can also remove malware and end annoying ads that keep popping up over time. Another feature allows you to get rid of the native Windows programs included on your computer by default.

It should be noted that there are additional tools, such as a broken shortcut cleaner, a list to recover some recovery points made during uninstallation, a file shredder to prevent recovery with special tools, and direct access to some of the tools included by default in Windows. Without a doubt, IObit Uninstaller is a program that you should keep in mind if your operating system is having trouble when you try to get rid of the software.


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