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Instagram Lite is the official Instagram app you’ve been waiting for if you were looking for a thumbnail version of this ubiquitous social network. By weighing some of the space your predecessor takes up in your memory, you can now use many of the features you’ve loved without consuming all of your memory – especially if you’re obsolete or a mid-range smartphone with limited internet access.

Using Instagram Lite is likely to remind you of the early days of Instagram, far back when its interface was clearer and focused exclusively on your photos. What this means for users is that you will not receive any DM here, nor live streaming, and the Explorer feature has been greatly improved in this Lite version to eliminate any space-consuming features.

Regardless, the name of the game has always uploaded images and in Instagram Lite, that is where you focus. You can even upload photos to TL and Stories, as well as enjoy your friends’ posts as always. There is also an option to upload text and write photos to your stories, but there are no filters for your images. In any case, Instagram Lite is ideal for using Instagram in its purest form and you can always upload photos that you edit through your smartphone’s internal filters and effects or view other photo editing apps to do just that.

Instagram Lite is a fantastic alternative to the full version of Instagram. It has far fewer features, but at the same time you will not have to deal with all the clutter if you are not a fan of the myriad innovations that Instagram regularly releases. Going back to the basics, Instagram Lite is here to do what Instagram has always done best: share your pictures and share your friends’ content and stories. Occupying just over 573KB, this is hard to beat compared to the stunning 32MB full version on your phone.


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