iMyFone AnyTo for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Download Free iMyFone AnyTo for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

iMyFone AnyTo for Mac allows you to change location on iPhone or iPad when you want to share some amazing sites on a social platform with friends, fake your location on a map to avoid monitoring and achieving geographic features or services in location-based applications.

The iOS location switch application allows you to create routes on the map to get around. This is useful when the AR game requires you to go out, but you just want to stay home. With this Change iOS location, you can now easily plan a route at a custom speed and when it starts moving on the map, you can see that you are moving in the game without delay!

  • Change GPS location to anywhere immediately.
  • Plan a route on the map to move along with the adjusted speed.
  • Work with location-based applications such as AR games, social platforms, etc.
  • Virtual site sharing in one social platform
  • Hide iPhone location software for Mac
  • We mock the location in dating apps
  • Access content with limited geolocation
  • Simulate the GPS traffic application with a custom route

iMyFone AnyTo for macOS it helps you change your location on iPhone or iPad in a flexible and natural way. You can set the speed and times for your route and pause at any time. In addition, you can search for a specific coordinate as your destination, which is extremely useful for AR games! The allows you to teleport GPS position and simulate driving along a custom path in 3 simple steps.

Features and best moments

Adjust the speed
Determine your route by adjusting your speed. With it, you can simulate walking, cycling or driving speed.

Pause at any time
You can pause and keep moving along the route at any time to make it more natural.

Definition of Coordination
You can select an exact location by entering the coordinate.

Historical archives
Saves historical sites you have ever visited. You can re-select these points as your destination or clear them!

Frequent questions

Which devices are supported?
Almost all iPhone and iPad models are supported, including the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max. All iOS versions running at 7.0 or higher are supported.

What is the difference between a two-point operation and a multi-point operation?
The route defined in the two-point mode can only be driven on roads. While the operation of multiple points is not limited by roads. You can flexibly choose to move by sea or mountain according to your requirements. In the meantime, you can select up to 100 positions in Multi-sport mode.

Can I use it to change the location of any application on my iPhone?
The location in any location-based application can be changed on your iPhone, such as Pokemon Go, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Maps, Snapchat, Tinder, etc.

Need a jailbreak?
Fake location on iPhone is very difficult. While many tools on the market require jailbreaking, such as GPS spoofer applications downloaded from Cydia. But with iMyFone AnyTo for Mac, you can change the location of iPhone WITHOUT jailbreak.

Will I change other settings on my iPhone if I change the location?
Generally, the settings on your iPhone will remain unchanged, except that the settings associated with a location will change accordingly, including time, weather, length and width, etc. However, you can simply restart your iPhone to retrieve the redistribution and data.

Note: Limited functionality in demo version.

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Download Last Version: iMyFone AnyTo for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

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