Imposter Smashers 1.0.25 for Android

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Imposter Smashers is a fun skill game where you have to chase scammers before they get you. If you enjoy io games and are looking for an addictive adventure to test your skills, this will keep you stuck for hours in games where anything can happen.

At Imposter Smashers your only goal is to be the last, in order to survive you have to be inventive. Destroy everything around you or let the rest kill each other, so you have a better chance of survival. In this fun game you can have several roles assigned at random. You could be a hunter, a killer or a captain, among others, and enjoy their fun weapons. Thanks to the variety of roles, each game will be unique and special.

To defeat an enemy you have to crush him with the gun you have in your hand and to do that you have to adjust your accuracy and hit him as soon as they pass you. Slide your finger to move on the platform and be guided using the field on the floor. when someone is in it you can destroy them so calculate your movements and finish what you see.

Imposter Smashers has many challenges to face. in each one your main goal is the same, to survive and be the last scammer standing up. Receive multiple kills to become a huge enemy and increase your field of vision to dominate the room, gain your aim and logic to win the game if you do not want to leave before time runs out.


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