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Download Free IGTV for Android – Download

IGTV is a video streaming platform that aims to standardize video format in portrait mode. It is an application created by Instagram and allows users to enjoy videos that last up to an hour, exceeding the limit of one minute imposed on the traditional application.

This Instagram app is here to continue spreading this native video format to mobile devices. From the moment you open the application, you can see content created by users on this social network. Not only the users you follow from your Instagram account, but also all kinds of creators.

Navigating via IGTV is simple. You can scroll through the tabs by swiping horizontally, which allows you to watch videos from following users, the most popular creators, and others suggested by the app. By simply tapping the image that appears at the bottom of the screen, you can watch it as you would in any media player.

IGTV is a fantastic application to enjoy videos in portrait mode on your smartphone. Explore different channels while watching a video in the background can be a truly original experience and it gets even better by allowing you to comment on these videos and share them via instant messaging on Instagram. And of course, in addition to watching audiovisual content from all sorts of creators, you can also upload your own content for other users to watch.


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