IFTTT 4.15.1 for Android – Download

Download Free IFTTT 4.15.1 for Android – Download

IFTTT is a simple application that allows you to automate different tasks from your daily life or work, thus allowing you to significantly improve your productivity or, simply, save time.

The way it works is by creating and using “recipes”. These “recipes” are subject to “if this then” statements that work between different applications or services and that allow you to set all kinds of rules on your Android device.

The IFTTT interface is very simple and intuitive – so simple that it is usually enough to select the elements you want to interact with in a given equation and order them coherently. In other words, you will not need any mathematical knowledge to create these equations, a little common sense.

IFTTT is an interesting tool that saves a lot of time in specific daily tasks, both work-related and personal. Perfect for those activities that you do almost unconsciously, but still consume a lot of time.

IFTTT receives a long-lasting update with more than 30 new services

Automating tasks on smartphones and tablets is becoming more common thanks to a list of applications designed to make our lives easier. The creator of this trend is the old IFTTT, one of the most important tools for automating your daily obligations. Its latest update is a big deal: it now has 30 new services and features such as support for VoIP technology and Google Photos.

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