IDM 12.5 for Android – Download

Download Free IDM 12.5 for Android – Download

IDM is a download manager that allows its users to download files through various torrent clients.

IDM offers a wide range of features that make this application a valid choice when it comes to installing a download manager on your smartphone. Its advantages include the ability to download up to five files at a time, pause and resume download, use torrent download links, and URLs or torrent files, music, videos or movies, videos from Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok , including social networks, “smart download” options and a whole list of other useful features that give you easier access to the content you want.

A very notable aspect of IDM is that, in addition to the wide variety of configuration options it offers to make the download experience as comfortable and efficient as possible – it also has a clean design with user-friendly ads. All creatives are located at the bottom of the screen, leaving the rest of the interface clean for easy use.

IDM is a great download manager that allows its users to easily download any file from their Android device. In addition, its high degree of customization allows the tool to be adapted to suit all your needs.


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