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Idle Angels is a beautiful action RPG where you can accompany a warrior, archer or apprentice magician during her journey and take full advantage of its potential.

Follow the journey of a young student who was chosen to become a powerful force in the war against evil creatures in the Idle Angels. First, you can choose whether you want your heroine to be a warrior, a magician or an archer. Later, you are also responsible for recruiting deities that your protagonist may ask for their help during battles.

By recruiting more and more powerful deities, you will become stronger when you face the hordes of evil and, at the same time, you will gain strength and experience that will take you out of your shell from that shy schoolgirl to become the warrior heroine you are destined to be. .

Battles in Idle Angels are fully automated – your role is limited to simply selecting deities to invoke for each attack.

Idle Angels is a fun Idle RPG with stunning graphics that is sure to please any anime fan or anyone who appreciates a classic schoolgirl adventure. This game captures the story of a shy girl with the ability to become a world heroine. Unfortunately, it also comes with a very tinge too waifu fan service – really putting a damper on the dominant narrative.


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