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Identity V is an online co-op game where your mission is to survive the attacks of a crazy serial killer on the hunt to shoot everyone in your team. This time, you will take on the life of one of the many survivors – each with their own special skills – and also play the psychotic killer himself, in order to avoid being caught.

The meat and bones of this game are fast 4 to 1 races, where each character has a number of special skills. Survivors must activate several checkpoints that are scattered throughout each scene before they can open an escape gate. Meanwhile, the killer seeks to capture them and kill them. If a player is caught twice, the game is over.

As you unlock different skills and achievements, your character builds up skills and learns new ones. In addition, this game has a thick story arch that runs parallel to your game. where a detective is actively investigating the disappearance of an entire family under very suspicious and unusual circumstances.

Identity V is largely inspired by Dead by Daylight. Only, in Identity V you will find that the whole game takes place in a cartoon, Gothic-inspired cartoon that could easily pass as a production of Tim Burton.


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