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Ice Cream Paradise is a fun match-3 puzzle game where players make all kinds of ice cream. Depending on how well you beat each level, you will have better, or not. To win, you must match a set of 3 identical popsicles, which will disappear from the board and send to your customers.

The gameplay in Ice Cream Paradise is just like other games in the same genre. In each level, you select a specified number of popsicles. The idea is to match pieces that have the same color to disappear from the game board and earn more points. When you connect four or five identical pieces, you create special delicacies that will earn you even more points.

This game divides its content into different levels, scattered on a sweet map. This includes chocolate fountains and all kinds of sweets. Your main goal is to do it everywhere on the map. To do this, you get a reward as a reward and then you can use it to invest in any of the following categories in the next levels.

Ice Cream Paradise is an original match-3 game where beautiful colors, dynamic gameplay and fun are on the menu.


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