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The golden age of Dragon Ball games was during the 16 bit consoles and they did not have the same success now that they have moved to 3D on the most modern consoles. However, the Hyper Dragon Ball Z is designed for those who are nostalgic for that time.

Unlike other free fan-designed games, this game does not borrow its graphics from commercial video games. Instead, game developers have recreated graphics from scratch to make them look like recognized game graphics like Capcom from the 1990s.

The game was developed using the MUGEN engine and is constantly updated. It has characters from Dragon Ball Z and, at the moment, the following characters are available: Goku, Goku Super Saiyajin, Vegeta, Mr. Satan and the Saibaman. Each of them has different special moves taken directly from the manga / anime.

Like the scenes, all the music is also completely original. Although the game has been in development for several years, the high quality of every aspect of the game surprises every time a new version comes out.

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If we talk about manga / anime, we have to talk about Dragon Ball. Akira Toriyama’s legacy lives on and his performance continues to this day. Yesterday was Goku Day in Japan (kanjis representing numbers 5 and 9 read as “Go” and “Ku”) and we did not want to miss the opportunity to pay tribute to this legendary series by compiling this list of best free Dragon Ball games for Android.

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