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Hunter Assassin is an addictive skill game where you test your patience and thinking skills to successfully kill your enemies. In this challenging adventure you hide in the shadows and climb on increasingly dangerous maps where your enemies lurk in every corner, seeking to wipe you out in a matter of milliseconds.

One of the main appeals to Hunter Assassin is that its engineers and moves are so simple, you will not be fascinated in time. The guards patrol each room with a specific area of ​​vision and you should avoid this area to stay alive. If a soldier sees you, they will shoot you and your life points will be drastically reduced until they reach zero. If you get killed before you kill your opponents, it’s back to you.

To hunt your prey, you must be very quiet. Lean into the shadows and attack from behind to achieve your goal. Each of the levels has a different map that you must use to your best advantage to overcome each level.

In the upper corner of your screen, you can watch your enemies as they are defeated one by one, as well as the total number of snipers left. As you climb and kill soldiers, you will gain more gems to help you improve. When you have enough diamonds, you can get better killers to grow that are faster and more durable. Feel the thrill of hunting as you hide the shadows to get as far as you can into this addictive adventure.


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