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HoursTracker is a tool aimed at self-employed employees who are paid by the hour and must closely monitor the time they work to reach the end of the month. The application is as useful as it is comprehensive and allows you to learn in detail how you use your working hours. This in turn can help you focus more and improve your work pace and ultimately earn a higher income.

No matter how many projects you handle or how much time you spend on each of them, you can use the interface of this application to customize even the smallest details about your projects. In this respect, HoursTracker stands out for the large number of different items it offers, such as job tips, mileage, VAT for each job, map locations and breaks you take while working, among others.

To get started, create the entries you need to manage your projects. You need to enter basic information such as name, hourly rate and days on which you work. Once you have entered this information, you can start tracking all your projects. To get started, click on the task you are working on and press the timer. When finished, press the stop button. Once you have completed the project, the application will show you the work you did and how much money you earned, according to the hourly rate. HoursTracker can calculate exactly how much you earn, even if you do not work full time.

All this information is stored in daily, weekly and monthly logs and you can check these statistics at any time. HoursTracker, on the other hand, allows you to increase your personal productivity by incorporating short breaks that you should not overlook. You can also set hours to work during the day or week and the app will remind you what you have left to do.

You can back up and export data in any format so you don’t lose information or save it to the cloud so you can access it wherever you are. Work and learn exactly how you spend your time and meet your income goals at the end of the month easily with HoursTracker.


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