Hot Lava Floor 1.71 for Android

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Hot Lava Floor is a fun toy that takes the viral “floor is lava” trend and turns it into a game where the floor is literally lava.

This time, your mission is to collect a certain number of banknotes in dollars and other items. To do this, you have to jump on platforms floating above a sea of ​​lava. In addition to collecting all the money and items, you must also reach checkpoints as you move through each level. Needless to say, if you touch the floor, you will have to return to your last checkpoint.

Hot Lava Floor has handy controls: just use the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen to move around the stage and the jump button to jump from platform to platform to avoid touching the lava. Use these two buttons to jump on boxes, sofas, benches, buildings and other platforms, avoiding all the lava at all costs. Get all the clues to move to the next level, which will have a whole new map.

Hot Lava Floor is a unique game that is fun and -despite the fact that it is very difficult- really addictive. It is ideal to spend some time in a world where the floor is really lava.


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