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Huawei Search is a new application developed by Huawei for searching information, images, videos and gifs, as well as the Google search engine. From the well-designed interface of this application, you can get results for any search in a matter of seconds.

To use Huawei Search, you first need a smartphone from this Chinese manufacturer with the latest version of Huawei Services installed. After that, you can start using this search engine without any problem.

On the Huawei Search homepage, you’ll see a search bar and various bookmarks that act as shortcuts to certain features. For example, you can easily filter news by category such as sports or culture. You can also use special tools, such as a calculator and unit converter, without having to open additional applications.

Huawei Search has everything you need from a fast and simple search engine. It even includes a dark mode that is compatible with EMUI 10. This is especially useful if you want to look for something at night or in dark places where a brighter screen will stretch your eyes.


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