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Hop Bun! is an extremely fun application to play with friends. All you have to do is select a category you like and then put your phone in front of you to start the game. It is up to the other players to make you guess the word that appears on the screen and you just have to move your smartphone up or down depending on whether you have guessed the right word or not.

The most fun thing about Bunny Hops! is that other players are not allowed to talk to you. They can only help you by gesturing and acting on the random word that appears on the screen. Fun is guaranteed, as you will inevitably encounter moments of utter confusion.

In the main menu of Bunny Hops! you will find tons of different categories to choose from. You will even find some categories of children so that even the youngest members of the family can participate in the fun.

Hop Bun! offers a very similar game to other successful titles like Heads Up !, to liven up any party or meet friends. With tons of words to guess, you will not be able to stop trying to get your best score and guess as many words as you can before time runs out.


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